Antique Victorian Egyptian 14 Genuine Scarab Beetle Bracelet,

Absolutely Stunning ~Rare ~Victorian Egyptian revival ~Genuine Scarab / Beetle bracelet ~Dates 1850s -1890’s ~ Bracelet features 14 colorful different prong set beetles set on an open back gold gilded brass frames with its original circular spring clasp and “o” ring~All Beetles are iridescent with green and orange shade(green as main color) .

Measurements ~ Bracelet measures 7 3/4 inches in length (end spring clasp not included) x 5/8 inches average width.

Condition ~ Considering the age (more then 100 years) I will say the bracelet is in Good antique condition ~With very less wear to the gold gilding on brass ~Beetle are in pretty good shape for its age ,no broken scarab ~They are nice and shiny with very less surface wear ~Spring clasp is also in good working condition.

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